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Resident Papers — 2013 Annual Meeting of the Aust Society


1st place – Salvador Sordo, MD
Holding Anticoagulation for Bedside Procedures in the ICU: Is it Necessary?

2nd place – James Meadows, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery Resident)
Associated Capitellum and Elbow Ligament Injuries in Isolated Type 1 Radial Head Fractures Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging

3rd place – Travis Holloway, MD
Association between the Th-17 Immune Response and Pulmonary Complications in a Trauma ICU Population


2013 Resident Paper Competition winners

Basic Science

1st place – Carole Villamaria, MD
Characterization and Optimization of Forelimb Autotransplantation for Reconstruction of Battlefield Injuries in a Swine Model (Sus scrofa)

2nd place – Heather Brandfellner, DO
Analysis of Gene Expression of Enzymes Contributing to Pain via Formation of Oxidized Lipids in Burn Patients

3rd place – John Wiersch, MD
Immunologic Regulation of Pancreatic Ductal Invasion of Islets